From a flow of ideas to your rock in the surf

The story of Hulan

The world around us is constantly changing. The art is not to be overwhelmed by the many innovations and new technologies while also distilling what sticks and what doesn't. Hulan is characterized as a company that is not afraid to change, try new things, or build on the knowledge of both the past and the future.

Hulan headquarters

What was once conceived as a small idea at the High Tech Campus has grown into Hulan after the initial landing: a major player in software and gamification in the small town of Waalre. Since its founding in 2015, the company has been characterized by creative talent driven by a sincere passion for everything it delves into.

At Hulan, it's not a question of whether something can be done, but how the result is enjoyable for the end user. Think of playful learning in education or in the corporate world and the user-friendliness of our apps and products. Hulan is committed to every problem and strives for an experience-oriented solution.

Our Foundation

A company is only as good as the team that supports it, and at Hulan, nothing could be truer. With a collection of diverse talent, Hulan is a true jack-of-all-trades where the precious connection between knowledge and expertise is central. Each with their own interests, specializations, and unique perspectives. It's the sum of its parts that makes Hulan what it is.

Dennis' photo
Online marketing

Dennis Rensen

Wiskes photo
Helpdesk & communication

Wiske Slachmuijlders

Priscilla's photo
Art director

Priscilla Gijsberts

Robs photo
Business development

Rob Hulsen

Arno's photo
Accountmanager health

Arno de Becker

Cliffs photo
Chief product owner

Cliff de Roode

Martins photo
Chief technology officer

Martin Drost

Erics photo

Eric van Gastel

Sophie's photo
Innovation specialist

Sophie Asveld

Renske's photo
Project manager

Renske Van Barschot

Maximes photo
Illustrator & animator

Maxime Lanters

Roy's photo

Roy Kuijper

Alex' photo

Alex Meesters

Jeffrey's photo
Chief executive officer

Jeffrey Lanters

Bodhi's photo

Bodhi van Baardewijk

Maartens photo
3D design & modeling

Maarten Kemp

Wickey's photo
Office dog


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