Some of the apps and games our team is incredibly proud of

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Every Hulan project begins with a unique blend of ingredients: a solid foundation of technical expertise, a hefty dose of creativity, and a pinch of playfulness. By integrating game elements, we create engaging and impactful experiences. Our approach not only results in inspiring projects but also turns the process into an incredibly fun adventure. This way, we combine success and enjoyment to create something exceptional.

Hulan is committed to projects that make a positive impact. We take pride not only in the projects themselves but also in the way we bring them to life. Together, we embark on an adventure to develop a fantastic end result. Our open approach lays the groundwork for long-lasting and hugely successful partnerships. Below are some showcases where you can read about how our apps and serious games make a difference.

On an adventure with Hulan

At Hulan, we blend games and technology for amazing learning experiences. Our apps are super accessible, and through our dashboards, you gain clear insight into your progress. Whether you're honing skills in a virtual world or learning smartly with AI, we ensure you stay engaged. Below are some parties we've collaborated with.

War Child
Ministerie van I&W
Save the Children
Dominos Pizza
Laco Zwemscholen
Burgers' Zoo
Brainport Eindhoven
Universiteit Tilburg
Your idea, our creative twist

Every project is an adventure for us. Whether you're looking for an immersive gaming experience or a smart educational tool, we're ready with fresh ideas. At Hulan, we breathe new life into learning with our playful and innovative approach. Collaborating with Hulan means innovating with fun and impact.

To achieve these beautiful solutions, we have a lot of expertise in-house. We don't outsource anything because we want to ensure the perfect match between your vision and our skills. Curious about the possibilities? Take a look at our expertise and discover how we can bring your ideas to life.

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