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Hello, we are Hulan

At Hulan, we bring our customers' stories to life through innovative digital products. Our passion lies in developing engaging apps and games that not only entertain but also make an impact. At Hulan, we believe in the power of interactive experiences to solve complex problems and enhance learning processes.

We listen to our customers, understand their needs, and translate them into digital solutions that are both effective and enjoyable. Located at the Markt in the authentic Waalre, our team of gamification specialists develops the most inspiring serious games and apps with great passion and creativity.

War Child
Ministerie van I&W
Save the Children
Dominos Pizza

We combine our strengths

At Hulan, we strongly believe in collaboration and synergy. Therefore, we strive to combine our strengths, both within our team and with our valued customers. Collaboration is at the core of our approach because we believe that the best results come from combining diverse skills, ideas, and perspectives. By uniting our expertise, we create powerful, customized solutions that exceed the intended goals and leave an impact.

We aim to act as partners with our clients, complementing and strengthening each other's expertise. By joining forces, we can push boundaries and collectively strive to tell your story. Together, we form a powerful team capable of creating solutions that not only meet expectations but surpass them, bringing about real change.

Successful Collaborations and Active Partnerships

At Hulan, we take pride in our diverse collaborations from the past and the partnerships we continue to maintain with various organizations to this day. Education, healthcare, leisure, sports, our collaborations span across diverse sectors. Our previous partnerships with renowned names such as KNLTB, government entities, Burgers' Zoo, Jungle the Bungle, and Berkel B enable us to create groundbreaking digital solutions that exceed expectations.

Furthermore, we are actively engaged as partners with some forward-thinking companies including Pillo, ACT Guide, Psychflex, and Freequency. Through these close collaborations and partnerships, we continue to lead in delivering high-quality serious games and innovative apps that redefine the standard and create impact. We're proud to be part of these amazing organizations and look forward to achieving even more great things together.

Laco Zwemscholen
Burgers' Zoo
Brainport Eindhoven
Universiteit Tilburg
SMART Photonics
Jungle the Bungle
Donders Instituut
Amsterdam Marathon
Gemeente Tilburg

Curious about the possibilities?

Are you curious about what else is possible? We have many more projects we'd love to show you! Feel free to ask for more information or come for a friendly chat. We'll have the coffee — or something else delicious ;) — ready and discuss the story you want to convey!

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