With the help of AI, Ainar assists you in overcoming your fear of injections.


Ainar helps you gain control over your fear of injections. The app was developed by researchers from Tilburg University and Sanquin. Thanks to our scientific research in techniques related to Artificial Intelligence, Hulan collaborates closely with these two parties to continuously improve Ainar. Through the game, we teach you what works for you to overcome your fear. Will you help us eliminate needle phobia from the world?

Before we dive in

Ainar in brief

Hulan has a passion for creating inspiring, engaging, and effective game and learning experiences. We combine serious games, gamification principles, advanced technologies, and other innovative approaches such as virtual and augmented reality to elevate learning and development to a higher level. In collaboration with Ainar and utilizing the core points below, we were able to realize the this.

Artificial Intelligence

With the algorithm, we can detect if someone is heading in the wrong direction before they feel it themselves. The algorithm calculates how you are doing and based on that, it controls the game. Is there a high risk of you becoming anxious or unwell, or do you show early signs of anxiety or fainting? The camera records this and then makes it rain in the game. If you calm down again, the sun starts shining. The weather in the game is a direct reflection of your mood.


We make the brain's response to a fake arm the same as the response to a real arm. We do this by simultaneously stroking both the fake arm and the real arm with a brush. This way, the brain feels and sees exactly the same thing, believing that the fake arm is part of the body. Seeing a needle can trigger a huge response in someone with needle phobia, even if they know it's fake. Then you'll see a blood draw on your fake arm.

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At Hulan, we blend games and technology for amazing learning experiences. Our apps are super accessible, and through our dashboards, you gain clear insight into your progress. Whether you're honing skills in a virtual world or learning smartly with AI, we ensure you stay engaged. Discover how we elevate learning to the next level: playful, personalized, and always innovative.

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