Use the Pillo with pressure sensor as a game console

Pillo Play

Pillo makes it possible for everyone, regardless of intellectual or multiple disabilities, to play games. By using an ordinary pillow as a controller, you can participate in infinite ways. Young, old, healthy, or disabled: with Pillo, you squeeze, hug, push, hit, or press the controller for interaction with the game and/or your fellow players.

Before we dive in

Pillo Play in brief

Hulan has a passion for creating inspiring, engaging, and effective game and learning experiences. We combine serious games, gamification principles, advanced technologies, and other innovative approaches such as virtual and augmented reality to elevate learning and development to a higher level. In collaboration with Pillo and utilizing the core points below, we were able to realize the Pillo Play.

Magical sensors

Pillo is designed to resemble an ordinary decorative pillow as closely as possible. This makes users perceive it as a familiar object. Thanks to its neutral colors and sensory-friendly, unprinted outer cover made of water- and dirt-repellent fabric, Pillo fits perfectly in a daily routine.

Play without worries

With our unique games, we encourage movement, stimulate, and activate the player, and train both action and reaction abilities. Play alone or together with others. Pillo is developed to be played without supervision, and thanks to the variety of games, everyone can enjoy Pillo in their own way.

Other example projects

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On an adventure with Hulan

At Hulan, we blend games and technology for amazing learning experiences. Our apps are super accessible, and through our dashboards, you gain clear insight into your progress. Whether you're honing skills in a virtual world or learning smartly with AI, we ensure you stay engaged. Discover how we elevate learning to the next level: playful, personalized, and always innovative.

Curious about what else is possible? We have many more projects we'd love to show you! Feel free to ask for more information or come for a friendly chat. We'll have the coffee — or something else delicious ;) — ready and discuss the story you want to convey!

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