An app for the revamped Tenniskids program

Tenniskids TOF

The KNLTB has revamped the Tenniskids program with Tenniskids TOF. Tenniskids TOF supports coaches in delivering lessons to the youngest players and ensures retention of youth players for the club. The revamped Tenniskids program allows children to enjoy the game more and stay motivated on the court while providing them (and their parents) with insights into their tennis development.

With Tenniskids TOF, which stands for Tennis Development Phases, children can develop themselves even better within the program according to their own way and pace. The child is at the center of Tenniskids TOF, which leads to more motivation and enjoyment of the game. It not only focuses on technique and tactics but also on mental and social aspects.

Before we dive in

Tenniskids TOF in brief

Hulan has a passion for creating inspiring, engaging, and effective game and learning experiences. We combine serious games, gamification principles, advanced technologies, and other innovative approaches such as virtual and augmented reality to elevate learning and development to a higher level. In collaboration with KNLTB and utilizing the core points below, we were able to realize the Tenniskids TOF.

Combination of offline and online

The progress is tracked by the teacher in the app online. This allows the data to be processed immediately and remains up-to-date in combination with a physical card where they can track their progress. These cards enable students to visually see their performance grow, which contributes to their motivation and engagement.


Tenniskids TOF employs various gamification techniques. Students are encouraged and motivated to practice more. Teachers are incentivized to fill in the progress as accurately as possible and to go through the exercises thoroughly. Gamification techniques used include: status, points, and levels.

Privacy and Big data

The progress of all Tenniskids TOF children is tracked per phase and per level. All this data is stored in the app and securely transmitted to the KNLTB. Great care is taken to ensure privacy.

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On an adventure with Hulan

At Hulan, we blend games and technology for amazing learning experiences. Our apps are super accessible, and through our dashboards, you gain clear insight into your progress. Whether you're honing skills in a virtual world or learning smartly with AI, we ensure you stay engaged. Discover how we elevate learning to the next level: playful, personalized, and always innovative.

Curious about what else is possible? We have many more projects we'd love to show you! Feel free to ask for more information or come for a friendly chat. We'll have the coffee — or something else delicious ;) — ready and discuss the story you want to convey!

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